Raytel Commercial Van Outfitters

Safety Partitions/Bulkheads/Dividers - Unique Fleet Solutions

Need to protect your most precious cargo? We take the time to listen to you and tailor your van for the way you’ll actually use it.

We stock all aluminum partitions for the most common vans. We also have a broad range of additional products available such as shelving, drawer units, ladder racks, and a variety of interior protection options. 
 Raytel van outfitters are committed to providing premium custom commercial van outfitting.

Solid Aluminum Partition

Aluminum Solid Straight Safety Partition

Countoured Aluminum Partition HR Transit

Aluminum Solid Contoured Safety Partition

Ford Transit Connect Partition - Side

Aluminum Contoured Perforated Safety Partition

Driver Passenger Side Only

Aluminum Solid Straight Walkthrough Safety Partition

Mid Posistion Partition - Side Door2

Aluminum Solid Straight Crew Van Safety Partition

Aluminum Sliding Door Closed

Aluminum Sliding Door Safety Partition