Raytel Fleet Outfitters is your premium commercial van and truck outfitter with custom fabrication capabilities. From your compact cargo van to your class 8 truck, we have you covered. 

Since our inception in Calgary Alberta in 1979, our company has been sculpted by the oil field region’s harsh demands and tough personnel. We were forced to adopt a resilient business model, to keep up with the ever-fluctuating market trends presented by a boom-or-bust economy. In doing so, it is imperative that we balance cost, lead time and quality. We fully understand that reliable service life and minimal downtime is paramount. 

Fast forward to today, our journey has brought us to Bolton Ontario where the same expertise and product offering coalesces with our unwavering commitment to 100% end user satisfaction. Located just north of Toronto, we are strategically located to aid in product logistics and local fleet support.  

Contractors, plumbers, electricians, HVAC technicians, mobile mechanics, telecom repair personnel, security, service and delivery companies are requesting our wide selection of van packages, and adding additional van shelving, tool drawers and racks to them. Road maintenance crews, construction companies, landscapers, farmers and welders are requesting pick-up slip-ins, flat decks and service bodies to outfit with cranes, compressors, generators, welders and tool boxes.

Our excellent, industry leading partners allow us to uphold our promises while offering a full line of product to support our customers. At the end of the day, we work as hard as our customers to ensure we deliver supreme workmanship, on time. 

Welcome to our family-we look forward to a long, strong relationship!

  • 40+ Years in the Industry

  • Thousands of Trucks and Vans Outfitted

  • Serving The Northwestern GTA

  • Customized Solutions For Your Unique Needs

  • Shortest Turnaround in the Industry

  • Ergonomic Designs to Increase Safety and Productivity

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Premium Brands We Offer

We use leading brands that are recognized as the toughest and longest-lasting in the business. To us, it’s not just about selling the best product, but how we put it together for you. These include brands like