Raytel Flat Deck Truck Outfitters

Flatbeds/Flat decks - Unique Fleet Solutions

 Made out of steel, or lightweight aluminum, Raytel truck outfitters offers more than just a simple flat deck solution (unless that’s all you need!) Our flatbeds can be fully customized to suit the needs of your business.

We are committed to providing premium custom commercial truck outfitting

16' Steel Flat bed with Wood Deck Surface

RAM 5500 with 16' Steel Flat Bed & Tapered Bulkhead

RAM 5500 with Paving Deck

RAM 5500 with Contractors Flat Deck Body

14 foot Knapheide Flat Deck with Rub Rails

Ford F-550 with 14' Wood Flat Deck

20' Steel Flat Deck with Wood Deck Surface on Isuzu

Isuzu NRR with 20' Flat Deck Body & Conspicuity Tape

14' Steel Dumping Flat Deck with Landscaper Sides

Ford F-550 with 14' Steel Dumping Flat Deck with Refuse Sides

12 foot steel flat deck GMC 3500

GMC 3500 12' Steel Flat Deck with Tapered Headboard